Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dogma+ Manic- one mother (ma)=Dogmanic

Why Dogmania? 
The very short answer: I am a bad speller and wanted to be Dogmatic. Just kidding...

The semi-short answer: I have seven dogs. I met my husband because of the dogs. Almost all of my impulse-buying has been related to dogs or for dogs. You might say I am fairly obsessed with them. My obsession began 34 years ago with the neighbor's Lab puppy named Nemo. In classic Freudian style, I blame my parents who failed to provide me with a sibling but did buy lots of dogs in order to tempt me to return home. 

The long (boring) answer: 

In this blog I hope to expose certain dogma (not just religious but also scientific) as dogma. Some of it will pertain to dogs. Some will pertain to things our mothers (Ma) taught us. And I will probably need to be manic to do it since my life is so overstuffed I frequently have several manic symptoms not because I have bipolar disorder but because between my job, commute, husband and 7 dogs that's just the way it is. 

What pray tell is on this overly ambitious bloggenda? For starters...

1. Meat: Its what should be on your plate for dinner (ok it doesn't have to be red meat any thing with a face will do). And please cut back on the carbs. Waaay Back! If you care about your health. 

2. Purebred Dogs: Every bit as good as a pound puppy? You Betcha! Why you should support ethical dog breeders with your next family pet purchase

3. How remote collars can save the lives of more dogs than "no kill" shelters

4. How principle driven use of aversives with human beings could cut prison costs and reduce drug addiction relapse but nobody's trying it because of Clockwork Orange, the Nazis, and Milgrim. Maybe its time we tried.  

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